How do I take my picture?

It's simple, just tap the touchscreen. Yeehaw!

How many pictures can I take?

Go nuts, it's on us!

Are the props provided?

Yes! We have a whole lot of props. Feel free to bring your own too!

How about an awesome backdrop?

Pick one from our ever growing collection. Custom backdrops are our specialty, let us know what you are after.

How many people can fit in?

Heaps! Maybe you can set a new record.

Do you provide an assistant?

Our operator will be there the whole time to make sure everthing goes groovy.

How can we find our picture?

As well as giving you a copy of the photos, they will be uploaded to the Snap Click website and Facebook page where you can share your epic photos with your friends.

How good is the photo paper?

Our high quality photo papers has a laminate layer protect against UV light, fingerprints and liquids. Prints are dry as soon as they leave the printer.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes, click here.