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  • How do I take my picture?
    It's simple, just tap the touchscreen. Anyone can do it, from kids to oldies. Yeehaw!
  • How many pictures can I take?
    Go nuts, it's on us!
  • How much space do you need?
    About 2m wide X 1.7m deep and 2.4m height. We also require a power plug not too far away. If opting for a flower wall, we require 2.4m wide X 1.7m deep.
  • How about an awesome backdrop?
    Most of our packages include a standard backdrop, you can scroll down and select one here. If you would like to add on a green screen, flower wall or customized backdrop you can get in touch with the team or also select from the drop down menu in the booking form.
  • Does your photo booth print?
    Absolutely, most of our packages provide prints, these can be in a photo strip 2x6" or postcard 4x6". The photo strip comes included in printing packages. Postcard 4x6" starts from just $79+gst. Our high quality photo papers has a laminate layer protect against UV light, fingerprints and liquids. Prints are dry as soon as they leave the printer.
  • How many people can fit in?
    Heaps! The most we have had in a single shot is 16. Maybe you can set a new record.
  • Do you set things up or do we have to do it ourselves?
    The photo booth setup is very technical. Our operator will be there to set up and test it to ensure all is perfect before the photo booth booking time. They will typically arrive 30-60mins before your booking time.
  • When can I get my photos, will they be online?
    Yes, all our events come with a set of digital copies, that includes the single original image and customized print design. They are uploaded on the first Monday after the event (except on public holidays), our team will send you the email link and password to your online gallery as soon as it is ready. You can download these immediately and save them on your pc for safe keeping. We suggest that you do this as soon as possible as all images are removed after 3months.
  • What time will you arrive?
    Our photo booth attendants will typically arrive 30-60mins before your booking time. It's best if you can provide us with as much info as possible around parking and the location where they will be setting up. This ensures we have all the details and can get things ready without any delays.
  • Do you have a privacy policy?
    Yes, click here.
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