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What is the Snap Click Photo Booth?


It's an open air photo booth so it lets you get crazy funky! It has a huge touch screen and it's so simple to use.  With studio quality lighting and pin sharp images, you can be sure to expect the best.


Touch the screen, take a few photos and out pops your prints!


Facebook addict? Maybe Twitter junkie? We’ve got that covered too!  With our photo booth, you can instantly upload to your Facebook or Twitter account.


Who are we?

Snap Click was created by a couple. Him, a wedding photographer & designer. Her, an interior designer.


The whole idea was to create a photo booth that was classy, modern and awesomely fun. At the same time, we wanted to provide amazing image quality.

Do you do other events?

For sure! We don’t just do weddings.


Snap Click Photo Booth is a great tool for events and corporate functions. It's not just a crowd pleaser, it's also great for marketing with capabilities for instant social media uploads.


We can design your backdrop for your event and even logos for the print design.


Hi, My name is Jeff, my wife Amanda and we have a wonderful daughter.  I'm the wedding photographer & designer, she is an interior designer.  We started this business because I’m passionate about photography, overcome the stress of finding a high-quality photo booth experience for our wedding.


We know what it’s like to plan a wedding, birthday party and other events and all of the decision making and hours spent on making sure it’s perfect.  That’s why I’m here to help you with your photo booth rental, from making sure the photo imagery looks amazing, photo strip graphic is perfect and ensuring your guests have the wonderful experience.


Let’s talk about your event and how one of our photo booths can make it an event your guests will remember for years to come.  




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Snap Click Photo Booth answers the market’s demand for a cutting-edge photo booth. Our team of photographic geniuses and designing experts are always ready to take on your creative vision. Let us create beautiful photos and social interactions at your intimate party or corporate function today!
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